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In 1880 Civil War General Hiriam Duryea chose one of the most  beautiful settings in The Adirondack Mountains for his rugged yet comfortable camp. He tucked into the shore line of crystal clear Blue Mountain Lake a boathouse, dining room, kitchen and other various and sundry buildings for the enjoyment of his many guests wishing to escape the heat and humidity of the city.


The “General’s Camp” was given the name of The Hedges and has continued to entice generations of guests to share in the camp’s unique charm and ambience.

The Hedges is located in the heart of six million acres of pristine lakes, old growth forests and dense Evergreen stands….. the famed Adirondack Park.


All of this bounty provides the opportunity for each guest to participate in an abundance of activities ranging from the thrill and challenge of river rafting to just relaxing with a good book on the grass covered shoreline!


We look forward to your visit and having you become a “ Part Of The Tradition”.


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